Finding Builders in Manchester

Loft conversions can be the easiest quickest and most cost effective way to add both living space and value to your property.

If converted by a competent builder with an eye for detail and a flare for design they can also make stunning contemporary living spaces for you and your family.

But did you know that many modern houses are built with a roof structure that makes it virtually impossible and certainly far less cost effective to convert your loft or attic space.

If you are fortunate in having a roof type that does facilitate a loft conversion you then need to decide on the types of windows that are put in to the roof. Essentially you have two options: roof lights or dormer windows.

Dormers are more expensive but have the very significant advantage of increasing floor space and ceiling height. However, you must be sure that you check with your local council as to whether you need to obtain planning permission before installing them in your property and any competent building contractor will be able to help you with fully understanding the exact specifications of the intended alterations.

Roof Lights
Dormer Windows

Other great ways of increasing the size and value of your home are to build a second story on to a garage or to extend to the rear of the property.

A great advantage of rear extensions is that providing they do not exceed 3m for an attached house, 4m for a detached property and do not exceed 4m in height they likely fall under what is known in planning speak as Permitted Development (PD) and do not require planning consent. You must however, always be sure to check with your local Planning Office before starting any alterations to the outside of your property, because despite Permitted Development Rights applying nationally there are regional exceptions in areas such as, but not limited to conservation areas.

Finding the best builders Manchester has to offer, to help you with your loft conversion is not always an easy task. The danger is that you are unlucky and end up with a contractor who is either not competent to do the work, is not properly qualified or is under insured.

You will of course want to get good value from your builder and so speaking to the best builder in that line of work is important.